Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peepli LIVE

I watched Peepli LIVE on 15th Aug. It's a really nice movie. A movie that makes us think. A movie highlighting plight of farmers.

Farmers, they feed the whole nation, but, they are empty stomach. They don't know what is 9% GDP growth rate. The only percent(%) they understand is how much interest they have to pay for the loan they took.

They are helping us achieve food security and ensure high growth rate; and in reward they are getting slow death, they are dying everyday.

But, I must say, Media is doing a really good job here. If a death can bring them some TRP, they will go to any length to make sure, the person is dead.

We must not forget our F***ing politicians, they are really hard working, they are working overnight to make sure more and more farmers commit sucide, so that they can say Central govt-State govt is doing nothing.

When they feel the situation is getting out of control, they announce schemes like "Nattha Card", this way they say a lot of things, but, do nothing.

This movie is really hard hitting, and it exposes media and politicians.
Media: ye wo log hain to lashon ko dikha dikha kar, aur us lash k naam par hume dara kar paise kamate hain, humare dukh dard se inka koi wasta nahi hai, TRP( read money) is all they care.

Politicians: hmm, ye to thode imandaar hain, ye rajneeti karne ke liye kisi ki lash ka bhi intejaar kar lete hain. They do not care about our lives, our happiness. All they care is "Power" (read money)...

Yahi Media aur Politician ek hi thali k chatte-batte hain...

Now a days news channels never broadcast true news, if a news bring TRP, broadcast it, true or fabricated who cares. Poor condition of farmer, his hungry children, his ill mother or even farmer committing suicide, is not something we want to see.

This is really dangerous, we have to change, otherwise ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bajrang dal is not Saviour of Hinduism

Bajarang Dal goons attacked, thrashed girls who were celebrating Friendship day, on name of defending Indian culture. These goons call themself saviour of Hinduism.

I am a Hindu, but, I have never heard that this is something that is called Hinduism. My parents never taught this. I am a Brahmin by birth.
A Tilak your forehead does not means they are Hindu, and from their act they are making people think otherwise about the Hindus.
I firmly believe, these goons does not know anything about anything about what it mean to be a Hindu. Opposing Friendship day and Valentine day in the land of Krishna, makes no sense.
Either they don't know about, Ram, Krishna or they have not read or heard stories of Radha-Krishna.
If any of the above 2 things are true, they should and must stop calling themselves "saviour" of Hinduism.

The Hinduism they are advertising is not the religion practiced by around 70-75 billion people in the world.

If this is Hinduism, I think I am not Hindu, because, I do not support such kind of vandalism on the name of religion.