Thursday, June 20, 2013

Think Again, Think hard: Are we responsible for it? or it is just Bad Weather?

Have you heard about a film called "The Day After Tomorrow"? no? please spare some time to watch it.

Some one my friends argue with me without hearing my point, whenever I talk about "The Day After Tomorrow" movie, saying, it's just a movie. Yes, it's a movie, but, unlike others in it's class, it's not a mere Sci-fi, it's based on facts.
OK, go on, have laugh of your life, because you chose to belive that this guy is non-sense and stupid. I have nothing to do with what you chose to believe. But, here are couple of facts:

* Go Google for Damage to Ozone Layer in last decade (or what about just last 5 years?).
* Did you check the news about melting ice on both poles?
* Are you not surprised with rise of floods in Europe?
* Most American chose to believe that tornado they face every year is due to weather in their coastal area, but, is it really the only reason?
* OK you think hydel power is a safe option? Are you Fu**ing kidding me? what was last year you checked news about India? Google "Flood in India", "flood in uttarakhand", you'll know.

Remember one thing, you can damage the mother nature as much as you want, but, pray to lord that she does not get angry, because, when she, nothing in this world will be able to protect you. Nothing.

Hope god give us some sense to all of us, and we learn that industrialization is not the only way to "Develop".