Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are we living in Jungle Raj ???

Yes, you read the reading right...
I want to know are we living in Jungle Raj???
Are we really a democratic country???
Do you think our government (read congress) believes in Democracy...

What happened in Ram lila maidan last night is making me believe that it does not.
People might agree, but, what happened at Ram lila is similar to what happened in Jaliyawala Baag...

Congress is now drunk on power. May be what Ramdev was demanding was legitimate or may be timing was not right or at the scale he did it was not right.

There are a lot of fu***ng reason supporter of owner of country (read Gandhi family) are giving.

But, I was watching the news and I bet everybody (except the servant of countries owner) would agree, that the what government did last night was kind of state supported terror wheeled under the disguised supported democracy. In this situation there is not a wolf in the disguised of a sheep, but, it's a lion under the disguised of a sheep. The lion which we feed, the lion which is supposed to protect us.

This proves that government would not allow anything that is against it's will.
Our lives are at their will, they can and will keep on taking lives like this. We are not supposed to dare to ask them "What the Fu*k you are doing with our money?", no, don't dare.
If you have watched the news related to Ram lila massacre and you have watched Kapil fu***ing Sibbal's press conference you might have heard this:
"If we can reach out, we can rein in.".

They won't rein in terror, no they won't, they won't rein in naxals, they won't rein in honor killings, they won't rein in rapist, they won't rein black marketers, not they will never ever.

And if we dare to ask them a question, then we are better dead.
It's time we wake up, it's time we all go out and give them a message: "This is not something you got the job for, you don't own us, nobody is my owner, we elected you work for us, for our better lives, to protect us, not to take our lives, not to kill us".