Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paan Singh Tomar : From A National Champion to a Rebel

3.5 stars from me.

Paan Singh Tomar
, have you heard of this name? I am pretty sure, that like me most you have not heard of this name or heard it after watching the trailer of the movie of same name.

It was Saturday, so I decided to watch a movie. There were two reasons behind this: one the movie is based on a true story, two, my favourite actor: Irrfan Khan.

The movie makes an amply clear statement-- that India has a sad track record when it comes to the treatment of its former athletes and who were real national heroes once.
Not too long ago, such an incident happened with National Hockey team too.
Remember the treatment to hockey team when they won Asia cup? that too by beating Pakistan?

It's movie about how and why a national champion become a rebel. I did not say "dacoit", because he was a solider, 7 times national champion, person who represented India overseas, and if such a person go on rampage and killing people, there must be some reason. I am not trying to justify his killings, no not at all.

Question is not why he killed so many peoples, question is why took gun in his hand. Like Paan Singh said in movie "कोई अपनी मर्जी से बागी नहीं बनता", और "चम्बल में बागी बसे हैं, डकैत तो सारे पार्लियामेंट में बैठे हैं"।
Go and watch the movie, I sure you will like it.