Wednesday, April 7, 2010

76 Jawans killed by Naxals? Aren't they Human?

76 CRPF men killed by Naxals, 76 men means at least 76 families. I am (& every civilized person of society) is in shock. 

Where is Arundhti Roy? Medha Patkar, Binayak Sen and other "Human Right" activists ?
why they are not making any hue and cry for the 76 Jawans killed by Naxals? Aren't they Human?

According to these f****g "Human Right" peoples, only terrorist & Naxals have human rights and right to live, Security forces according to them are not "Human".

I was waiting for last 24 hour, that they will come out and say something, condemn murders of CRPF men, but, as I (& everybody else) was expecting they said nothing.

When a Naxal is killed by our men on duty they make sure to advertise it as "Fake" encounter or "murder in cold blood". They will do everything possible, even file a PIL in Supreme court for the same. Well they can do this because our system is a democracy, anybody (even Naxals) can use it was they want.

But, they always keep mum on killing of our security personals. why? They never came forward in media or court or civil society to condemn killing of our men. 

Only terrorist & naxals have families? only there life have a value?

These "Human" right activists  are dogs, they get their bones from other nations and bark when there foreign owner ask them to bark.
They are not saying anything because they don't have the orders yet. But, I bet, let our men retaliate, they will come to bark.

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