Saturday, February 23, 2013

Govt to Go Ahead with "Setu Samundram"

Govt to Go Ahead with "Setu Samundram", that is to destroy 'Ram Setu'.

I have one question:

I want to ask my dear friends : why Media/Govt/"so called Fuc*ing Secular" ppl  call everything related Hinduism a "Myth"? remember, you get respect when you respect someone.

I respect rights of "Minorities", but, it does not mean I will keep on respecting, if you keep saying my faith is a myth. What kind of development govt want by destroying all the bases Hindu faith?
Many ppl might not like What I am going to say next, but, my intention is not to hurt anyone's religious sentiments, and I just to say something by one example:

I would like my Muslim friends to consider a scenario, that Saudis have found a very expensive and rare metal in Madina, but, to extract that metal, they want to dig up the holy place, yes every part of it. Now tell me will any god loving Muslim allow this? Will any muslim agree for developement at cost of Madina?
I think, the answer is no. Am I right here?

My Muslim friends, it's same for hindus when they talk about, saving Ganga, Ram and Ram setu.

Govt is trying to create differences between Hindu and muslims, by, attacking symbol of hindu faith, and favoring  Muslims. This, way, a comman hindu will think that "Muslims are getting undue favors and they are attacking Hindus". But, the truth is: Govt is attacking each one of us, no matter what religion you follow. Govt is determined to loot everything possible from us and they want us to fight to each other,  so that, we can't notice they Fuc**ng crimes.

Jai Hind


  1. My question:
    Leave media, leave the govt.
    Let's talk about people.
    Why do you think, whenever some people (hindus) talk against Hinduism, Hindu Extremism, Practices of Hinduism,
    they are "Secular" or "Muslim-Supporters" ?

    Try to see from this angle.
    Let's say, there are people around you that create all types of problems in the name of Hinduism. They don't love Hinduism but just use religion for their power, political and monetary benefit. After getting harrassed from them through decide to protest against them.

    In that case should you be called a "Anti-Hindu", "Secular-Dog" or "Muslim-Supporter" ?

    The strange truth is that the people who are protesting are more "Hindus" than the people who are defending it.

  2. Dear Anonynmous,

    Thanks for your views. I appreciate it, and you got my point, I am saying is : In India now a days, 'Secularism' means, attacking Hindus and Hinduism and "appeasing" "Minorities". Why everybody attack Hindu faith, Hindu gods and each and every symbol of Hindu faith?
    I agree there are many bad things follower of Hindu religion do. But, is it only with Hindus? I mean do you really believe that it's really with Hindus?

    My dear friend, I don't have a problem with Muslim. I couple of Muslim friends, friends closer to my heart.

    I am not defending anything here, noway, but, I am trying to put my point here.
    my question is : Is it really important to attack a particular stream of faith to be "Secular"? Isn't respecting every faith equally enough? and why is it Hindu faith that is problematic?
    I respect every religion equally, and what's wrong if I expect same? Or it's wrong I am trying to voice my opinion when a symbol of my faith is attached?


  3. You are right about biased attacks on Hinduism. Which is mostly done by Congress and Congress controlled News Media. And no doubt you and me being proud Hindus have full right to defend Hinduism. As many of us love Hinduism for it's goodness.

    But my first post is only about your views against "Hindus" who protest against "Hinduism".

    Don't just follow what "Hindu-Extremist" tell or campaign. Use common-sense when common-people get involved in protest. Most of the times their are reasons.
    It's not necessary that whenever HINDUS attack Hinduism, means they hate "Hinduism" or believe in biased secularism. ( the way congress and news-media does). They do it out of harassment. Local politicians ( Bjp,congress,bsp ) use religion for local terrorism which is then used in business gundaism.

    A small example:
    All these people are "Hindus". They love "Hinduism". They are not "Secular". They are not "Muslim-Supporters". But still protesting "Hinduism" out of harassment:

    1. Well, that is what I am saying, like I said "I agree there are many bad things follower of Hindu religion do."
      I protest, whatever I feel is not right, and this is not right here, and, yes, I do have common sense, and that is not in FD of any bank ;).
      I don't follow anything/anyone blindly, did I mention any party or person name in my post?